Make sure to view the after photo’s.

This tutorial is easy. I’m a beginner and I finished it in an hour. (Please excuse the poor picture quality)


  1. Blouse. There are tons of these at thrift stores for dirt cheap.
  2. Pins
  3. Sewing Machine (Although very possible to do by hand)

Here’s the blouse BEFORE alterations:

Step 1:
– Remove buttons.
– Fold flaps inward to achieve the following.

Step 2:
– Flip shirt inside out and then in half. Shoulders on top of shoulders and flaps on top of flaps, as so.
– Pin flaps.

Step 3:
– I placed a pencil to show where the bottom of the V will be.
– Sew along the flap from the bottom of the blouse to the pencil.

Step 4:
-Flip blouse right side out and your done!


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