Sanford and Son


Never underestimate junk dealers, especially these two. I seriously try to watch Sanford and Son everyday, along with Hawaii-Five O (the original). Yeah I know, I’m a true oldie, but you have to admit these color sets I put together aren’t half bad. Funny, while I was cracking up at Grady stealing a SS check, I noticed Lamont’s color scheme and ran to grab my camera. My hubby just stared at me, not at all surprised. I was grinning from ear to ear, laughing hysterically, while I snapped pictures in front of the tv. They are my modern day celebrities.

Fred Sanford: Now she’s got TB.
Lamont Sanford: What?
Fred Sanford: Terrific Body.

Would you take after Fred and Lamont? Style-wise of course.

(Last image of Fred: sitcomsonline)