What if we lived in a time when a lady’s hat was an everyday accessory. When going without is comparable to leaving the house without earrings. Which I must admit I do quite often.  Just yesterday my sister and I helped my grandma purge a closet in her home. Purge is an understatement mind you… (goodness gracious). Either way, after going through her old patterns, she hands me a Vintage 60’s Vogue Pattern designed by Sally Victor. Who is Sally Victor? All I knew was the turban on the front was too cool to pass up.


According to a 1959 Times article, Sally Victor at one point was one of the biggest fashion hatmakers, with a career spanning the 40’s to 70’s.  I found these beautiful creations by Victor at the Metropolitan Museum online archive.

Once I learn how to work with patterns (*wink) I plan to whip up a turban.

Do you have a favorite hat? At the moment I’m still loving my DIY Wool Fedora.

(images: Metropolitan Museum, Etsy)