Subtlety out the window; we have entered the twilight zone. Bell-bottoms, hip huggers, platform shoes, tweed, and color on color love. Retro Nostalgia at its best. The 70’s baby. Now that the kings and queens of  ‘Fashion-dom’ have decided to usher us into the 70’s, there’s a huge lesson here: when something goes “out of style” you better believe it’s a temporary hibernation. Which brings about another lesson, forget trends, wear what you like or end up broke.

While in elementary school, I had a pair of super wide navy and white striped bell-bottoms my mom gave me. Although too big, they were tough! I vividly remember my classmates in the lunch line laughing at my poor choice of clothing. Pllllease…

Who’s on board for another wave of the 70’s?

The Past:


The Present:

(Past images: The 70’s Fashion Found Archive, theyroaredvintage, dewyeyesnowsparkle)
(Present images: NY Mag Designers: Burberry Prorsum, Tory Burch, Paul & Joe, Diane Von Furstenburg, Luca Luca & Rachel Comey)