I’ve been cooped up in my home for the last few weeks pounding away at a smoking sewing machine. Literally smoking. There’s a reason why industrial machines exist.

My first trunk show is this week, Thursday to be exact, and the pressure’s on. Not stress… Presssssure.  Plus, I’m loving every minute! Even better, I finally ventured out in actual clothing after wearing the same black tights, blouse and leather jacket for goodness knows how long. Yes, I’ve tossed them into the dirty clothes bin. Time, and maybe even a little sound judgement, fly by when you’re having fun.

When I finally came up for air, the husband and I ran out to snap me in my little red or burnt [insert color] dress. It’s not exactly red, but I can’t remember how my mother described it. Freezing, we jumped in the car, drove like two hungry maniacs to a friend’s, and refueled on vegetable tomato soup, Havarti & cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches, and loads of laughs. We need a personal chef BAD. Who’s willing to donate their time. haha

I’m wearing:
Dress: Anthropologie, a lovely gift from the people who love me
Shirt: Clothing swap find
Boot: Miss Sixty

By the way, please spread the word about the Trunk Show. And if you’re in NY this week, I hope to see you there:
Date: Thur, Feb. 16
Time: 6-10pm
Locale: Ehvonnae | 145 Front St. Unit B, Brooklyn, NY