Yesterday I posted the after photos and explained my inspiration for this tutorial. If you missed it click on over.

You will need:
1. Ribbon (I used the 1/4″ width, but wider ribbon will work and may be easier. I ended up combining the ribbon to make it wider.)
2. Glue
3. Safety pin

1: Cut 10 inches of ribbon and fold ribbon in half making sure the ends meet in the back. Glue the ends down.

(Optional): If you have thin ribbon and you want a wider bow, simply place the ribbon side by side and zig-zag stitch the two together.

(Optional): I hemmed the ends so that they would not unravel before I glued them down.

2: Cut another 24 inches of ribbon and fold in half.

3: Glue folded end to back of bow. Take hanging end and bring up and around front of bow and to the back again. I repeated this step twice. Glue in place.

4: Add a safety pin, pin to collar and you’re done.

More after photos here.

What say you? Would you wear this?