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You will need:

1. Straw hat (Thrift stores are great sources)
2. Wool fabric (I used an old skirt. Basically, enough to cover the head and 2x the brim. If you have a very wide brimmed hat, then you will need more fabric.)
3. At least one of the following:
— Needle and thread
— Fabric glue
— Sewing machine


Step 1: Pack head of hat with plastic bags. This will help keep its form.

Step 2: With the fabric right side down (aka: wrong side of fabric facing you), rub sides of fabric so that, the fabric is flush with the hat. You will have 4 parts that ‘stick out’.

Step 3: Squeeze and pin fabric that is ‘sticking out’ so that it is also flush.

Step 4: Sew the pieces that ‘stick out’, closed. DO NOT SEW TO HAT!

Step 5: Remove fabric, flip right side out, and re-cover head of hat. It should fit nice and snug. (There are buttons on mine because I used an old skirt)

Step 6: Trace brim of hat onto white paper, and cut out. We will use this pattern for the next step.

Step 7: Use the pattern from Step 6 to cut out two circular wool pieces. Add at least an extra inch to the circles.

Step 8: You will also need to cut a smaller hole in the center of the circle. Feel free to eyeball this based on the size of your hat. The easiest way to do this is to fold the circle in half and then in half again. At the ‘point’ cut a half circle. It is best to work small and work up if you have to.

Step 9: Slide circle over head of hat. Remove excess from the fabric covering the head of the hat, leaving about 1.5 inch.

Step 10: You may have extra fabric like I did, so fold over until it is tight on hat. Pin in place.

Step 11: Make sure the other circular piece is at the bottom of the hat. I sewed mine on, but feel free to glue it on. Fold excess ‘top of brim’ fabric over brim and stitch or glue. Cut off excess.

Step 12: Sew or glue the pinned part down as well.

Extra Credit: Add a fun color ribbon around the hat to cover any ‘mistakes’.  I wanted something monotone, so I will likely add a bow with leftover wool pieces.

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