Find the after photos below.

Alright, let’s begin:

You will need:

1. Jeans (I used large men’s jeans. The rule of thumb is to make sure once opened, it will wrap around you. Large skinny jeans (oxymoron?) may also work here, and give you a pencil-ish effect. )
2. Scissors
3. Seam Ripper (optional)
4. Sewing Machine (Although this can be done by hand if you’re on ‘super pro hand strength’ status)


1. Lay jeans flat and open inside seams (Next 3 images)

2. Pin back of pants closed so that the bottom of dress is even. You will likely have a flap at the top near the crotch. Play around with this until you achieve a flat surface.

Here’s is the flap I ended up with at the top.

3. Remove top of jeans. Cut a straight line directly under the back pockets. (As you can see I need a lesson on how to cut in a straight line)

4. Open jeans, and you should have the following:

5. Fold top of dress down and pin. You are going to top stitch this so that the top of dress has a finished look. Although, if you are going for a more daring look, try this effect over at Park & Cube.

Optional: I added a few pleats at the top to shorten the width of the back of the dress. In other words, I wanted to bring the armholes closer together. (Arms holes in step 7)

6. After you sew the top and middle of the dress you should have the following:

Note you could stop here and have a lovely denim maxi skirt…

7. Now for the arm holes. Simply open the seams at both sides of the dress. You can open them as wide as you like for different effects.

8. Fold the side panels closed each arm hole seam and pin the “shoulders” closed. You will then sew these shut. I sewed about 1.5 inches shut.

9. And there you have it.

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