This weekend I spent 90% of my time with family. One of the highlights being my Grandma pushing out a huge 10 gallon tub FULL of photos. “And just to show you how much I love pictures” is what she said. I hustled out the door. Not because I didn’t want to shuffle through some odd years worth of photos and dust, but because I knew I’d get carried away with ewws and ahhs. Plus I was already late for the next family function.

My cousin posted this picture of our grandmother that same day. I kicked myself for not staying, but it got me thinking. 1. Will I have a tub of photos to dust off with my grandchildren OR will I be subject to years of failed hard drives and cloud stored images that end up in some bought out company’s abyss. 2. I need to “make more pictures” as my Grandma puts it. And no, not on instagram, but tangible pictures to file away…

A Call for Photos:

Do you have funky old photos of bell-bottom clad parents/grandparents/uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. etc.?
Whatever the era, as long as they’re old, send them my way.

1. Scan the photo and send a high res(aka: high quality) image to
2. Also include some sort of description
3. I’ll post them here on Freshly Given with hopes of encouraging people to make their photos tangible.

Let the fun and dust stirring begin.