I made these earrings, and I love their versatility.


Leather (I used scraps but any will do. Have any old leather belts hanging around?)
2 Ear Wires (Pictured are Fish Hook thingys that work perfectly as ear wires, although I ended up saving them for another project and using the standard wires)
Jump Rings (the circular rings that hold the leather together)
Needle (for poking holes)
Really sharp scissors OR Exacto Knife for cutting leather.
Optional Pliers to close rings and wires. Using your fingers can get painful.



1. Poke small holes in the leather and loop jump rings through. Make sure to close the ring. I used pliers (not pictured) to do this. You can make as many holes as you like. I only made two sets (4 holes total).

2. Open circular end of ear wire and attach to top most jump wire. Close ring.

3. And you’re done!

Get creative and send photos if you make these. Plus more projects coming your way. Make sure to follow me on Twitter.