I would try to paint a picture of the last 10 months of my life. But as you can see from the photos none of it really matters. Only the end result is shining bright. I’d like to introduce my miracle child, purposely named Samuel. Move over leather! I’m making babies now. Ha! He is my best creation, my new “accessory.” He makes my life exponentially better.

I took a few shots of us this afternoon. And of course I HAD to make him a leather visor (my sis says it looks like a circle on his face) to ward off the sun. A perfect addition to his white onesies and gDiapers. This kid is so cool.

On the flip side, Freshly Given is still alive. I mean I’m alive, although my blog and shop may not show it. After months of bed-rest (yes, months) I’m eager to begin making things, like baby visors hehe, blogging, and who knows what else. I’m taking suggestions.

It’s good to be back!