Along with this blog, I have a small shop that I stock with handcrafted accessories made from upcycled leather, vinyl, etc. Well it turns out I will be sharing my goods (including the clutch I’m holding) at Rock and Shop Market two weekends from now. I can’t believe things are moving this fast so I’m working hard to up my stock and add more items to the shop.

The other cool thing is I was asked to “model” for the promotional shots for the market. Yes the quotes around model are intentional. Cade Bowman of Cade Bowman Photography was by far more relaxed than me, and directed the shoot in such a way that I overcame my nervous jitters. Nervous is never cute in photos. Plus, jitters make things all fuzzy.

Fun Fact: Cade shot the entire shoot with film! Yep good ‘ole film and process.


I’m wearing:
Jewelry: Haden Designs
Dress: JudahRoss
Jacket: Stephanie Teague
Leather Clutch: Visit my shop
Hat: Miss Fitt
Shoes: My own

(images: Cade Bowman Photography – All of these were shot with a Mamiya 645AF)