Same old same old: great food + random fun + yummy sweets + (repeat).

Adrienne introduced us to Spice Thai Restaurant. At just about every restaurant we went to I was on a fish kick and was never disappointed. Afterwards the 100+ degree weather and lack of ozone forced us to find shelter. On are way to  Magnolia Bakery, we spotted a playground with fountains. As you can see, we played with the toddlers. Refreshing!

After we finished playing in the pretty curtains, we walked home  full of Magnolia cupcakes & banana pudding while our wet clothing provided the a/c.

New York part 4 tomorrow. (Did you miss part 2 & part 1)

I’m wearing:
Yellow Tank: Forever 21
Red Skirt: Thrift
Leather Earrings: I made them –> Shop