During my last trip to New York, I was in dire need of a wool hat. When you’re freezing your mind starts going crazy listing off everything you need to survive. Anyway, I seem to never have the funds for what I want. Perhaps it is an excuse for me to make something to share with all you lovely people. I really do enjoy sharing with you.

So here’s a simple hat for you to make. I grabbed an old straw hat and scraps of wool from a skirt my grandmother gave me. Sharing is in the blood.

Come back tomorrow for the Here’s the tutorial. Drop a line if you’re diggin’ this.

By the way, “Who loves you baby?” -Kojak (I just finished watching him… hehe)

I’m wearing:
Shirt: Clothing Swap = FREE
Cape: Buckley Tailors via JCrew
Hat: You know I made it, DIY