There’s one thing I don’t have in my closet, and that’s a denim dress. I’ve never purchased one because they are either too pricey, not the right wash, or the style is not flattering.

So I cut up my hubby’s jeans… and I have a new dress.

If you’re like me and need one for the Fall, then go find yourself a men’s pair of jeans and make this dress. This wrap dress can be worn may different ways in any season. Wear a pair of tights under it and beat the cold weather. I found a beautiful inspirational shot on The Satorialist.

I’ll post the tutorial tomorrow. Tutorial is up!
By the way, I’ll further ‘edit’ this dress for a guest post on another blog. Stay connected: Facebook | Twitter.

I’m wearing:
Dress: Gap Men’s Jeans flipped to Dress
Belt: My mommy’s