Gloves will never go out of style. And who cares if they do. I purchased this pair just yesterday at a local thrift for $1.50. I really was in need since my cotton pair was not holding up to the cold. Besides, I hate cold hands.

With a few fur pieces I found at my grandmother’s, and a pair of scissors, I whipped these bad boys up and loved the results.

I sure hope you attempt this one. Even without the fur, these are versatile and super easy.

You will need:

Leather gloves (I found mine at a thrift for $1.50. Just make sure yours fit snug.)
Leather glue (Although I’m sure superglue or hot glue will work.)
Needle and thread if you decide to add fur
Optional: Fur (I found a few random pieces at my Great Grandmothers. Not sure if it’s real, but I used it.)

Here are the gloves I began with.

And here is my little doodle. This time, for some reason, I felt I needed a doodle.

Step 1. Trace the half circle onto the tops of the gloves. I used a pencil to do this.

Step 2. I removed the strap and cut out my half circles. PLEASE NOTE, I did not cut on the line, instead I left about a quarter of an inch from the outline so that I could fold the quarter inch under. This gives a more finished look. I used leather glue to keep everything in place. Feel free to cut along your outline if you want a more jagged look.

Step 3. I folded the tops of the gloves down to make them a little shorter. I then stitched the fur around the wrist.

Step 4. And that’s all. Repeat process with other glove.

What say you?