Let me start by saying this takes some time IF you are a beginner like me.

Before you start looking at the pictures, although I’m sure you have already done so, it is best to visualize the process in your own words. I say this because there may be a better or easier way to do this.


  1. Thrifted blouse with  pizzazz (random noun…I know)
  2. Pins
  3. Chalk for tracing (Although I used a pencil. HAHA. Can you tell I’m a beginner)
  4. Scissors and/or a Seam Ripper
  5. Sewing Machine (Although very possible to do by hand)

This is a plain polyester blend blouse. It is non-stretchy, which means it took me a couple trys to make it the right size.

This is the back. As you can see, it has some great detail. Right up my style alley!

I found a shirt that fit me, placed it on top, and traced. Again, because the blouse is polyester, and I used a cotton tee for tracing, I had to add about an inch to the trace line. This was definitely trial and error. The first time I did this, my husband had to help me out of the shirt. Scary.

Next I cut out the sleeves, shoulder pads (will use later), and the shoulder seams. I folded and pinned the flaps of fabric so that it would be ready for sewing. (See next image)

After pinning the front flaps, I cut the shape of the back as so. Again, I pinned the flaps of fabric down in preparation for sewing. Is this clear?

My final results.

-Please let me know if you’re stuck. I will be happy to help.

Send me a pic if you completed this one.

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