When you have rushed and excited people together, you are likely to have a hyper fest. If trunk shows are supposed to be more conservative, well this was a fail. But in my book, it’s going down as an A+ good time! Perhaps I lost a customer or two by dancing after every bite of a chocolate chip cookie (see image 7). I may never know… Besides, this little leather skirt I whipped up at 4 that morning deserved a bit of hip action. Looking back, I wonder if street walkers were more amused or turned off by the threesome of dancers. Thankfully shop owner, Brittanie, didn’t seem to mind.
Where are our chaperones when we need them? One should never outgrow a little parental nudge here and there.

Thank you again Brittanie for allowing us to hijack your shop (Ehvonnae, Dumbo, Brooklyn). Stop by her shop if you’re in her area and do a little dance while you’re in there.

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(images: Karla and her handy iPhone)