Freshly Given on MSN REdiscover

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Please excuse my absence. I’m making a strong comeback with a video of my pearly whites.

A few months ago, I was contacted by MSN to show off the parts of my city that I love. The irony is that although I was born and raised in North Carolina, I’m a country girl, I’ve tried to leave more times than I can count. At least in my mind I was always some where a little more cool.

Ironically, I have re-fallen in love with my state. Especially the Durham area. The internet is on fire about this city and its neighboring capital, Raleigh. The Triangle area is definitely one to watch.

At the time of this posting, I have yet to watch this video. So the chances are very high that you are seeing it before me. I think I’ll wait until I’m alone in a closet and can squirm at my awkward super hyper facial expressions I’m prone to making when I’m excited. (That was a breath full) I’m sure they were all edited IN and not OUT.

Enjoy and share with your good people.

Here’s the Direct Link:

(Thank you:  MSN/Buick Team, Tiffany, Blaine, Christopher, and the rest.)