With Fall fast approaching, cool mornings & hot hot hot afternoons, I’m pulling out every bit of color I can. When I first purchased this skirt, I was hesitant to wear it in public. He he, silly me. We all have our “uh, stupid” moments.  While I was taking these pics, a few people saw me twirling and smiling at myself. HA! Look at that colorful nut. I was headed to meet designer Oami Powers of Judah Ross. Yep, she’s a talented one.  More about her and what she’s up to later.

Anyway, my mommy has been trying to get me to wear this skirt for the longest. She is likely quite pleased at the moment and will have something to say. (I mean that in a good way Ma.) So here’s to being obedient, and colorful, and happy, and La Di Da Di.

Skirt: Vintage >> Dolly’s Vintage

Tank: Walgreens (yep, the drug store)

Earrings: I made them >> Thanks to Ornamentea