Not an exaggeration: we literally entered the subway, caught the “ghost train”, came up for air and boom snow snow snow. Huge gusts of it. I was dazed and confused, no where to turn, no one to ease my pain. Hahaha…I’m silly. Armageddon in a matter of minutes.

We took refuge at Petite Abeille and chatted over smoked salmon, scallions & sour cream omelettes and pretty Belgian waffles. If I could have only slept there by the fire. It was so warm and toasty, I could feel my fingers and toes, and smile without my face hurting.

Back out in the rotten cold we went, stopping for fill-ups of heat at Loehmann’s and Second Time Around. We kissed Adrienne goodbye (the beauty to the far left in the group photo) and entered the subway.

Free at last.

I’m wearing:
Everything I can. haha

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