Live It then Blog It” not the other way around. Just another one of my random thoughts that hit home.

Which made me think of this picture of me on vacation. (I don’t know why)

I’ve somehow lost focus in the short lifespan of this blog. I began to look at way too many popular blogs and try to jump-start success prematurely.

It’s funny, at first I wanted this to be a place where I documented all of the crazy ideas that go through my head. Seemingly overnight, however, my focus became ‘make freshlygiven the hottest blog ever’.

(I’m laughing at myself just thinking about it.)

So back to square one. I stripped the site of its design, minimized the social networking, and placed ‘content’ as the top priority.

Content Content Content.

Check out these simple sites, with quality content, that boast great success:

Karla Mickens
Hue and Saturation
The Satorialist
Karla’s Closet

Leave your advice and/or successful and simple web sites in the comments.