Summer is officially ovvver this weekend. And for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say I milked it for all it was worth. I’m not a home body, but I will leave these hips in this seat for a long while. True, I said that before I made a quick trip to NY. But now, really, this time I mean it.

In my absence I made a neat, to me, pair of sandals. Just to see if I could pull it off. There’s leather hanging on my walls people, so there was no shortage of materials. Apparently people close to me were tired of seeing me in them. ha!


The hubby and I jetted over to the Philippines for the month of July where we made new friends in Tondo, Manila. I personally worked with a group of ultra talented women on a new handbag collection. And if the kiddos hadn’t been so darn cute I would have been able to focus more. It’s More Fun in the Philippines!


The 12-hr time difference and yummy Delta food kicked my butt. I stayed home for 2 weeks straight during which I don’t recall eating or showering. At the end of August, we took a quick trip to NY, freestyled with the BK cool kids, & witnessed a beautiful christening before making our way back south and hitting the beach one last time.


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