Have you ever walked so fast that the only thing separating you from a flat-out sprint is the distance between the bottom of your feet and the ground. New York does that to me every time. Against my will:
“Why the heck am I walking so fast?”

Either way, my gut paid for it. Unintentional workouts are not my idea of a post-feast activity. And working off a perfectly delicious mealĀ  after every 2 blocks is for the birds. But enough with the sad song. I do love that City. Having my first trunk show there was the challenge I needed to get my line off the ground. On my high horse I walked into some of the coolest shops to present my accessories. Looking back I’m shocked I did it.

I’ve not posted any of my new designs here on the bloggy, so this is me taking care of my people. These are a few of what you’ll find in my shop and a good representation of the greatness I call Freshly Given.

Get your colour fill at Shop.Freshlygiven.com

Thank-you’s: Charles (for the ridiculous love and support), Maw & Paw (for me!), Grandma (for sewing and providing), Nicole (epitome of dependable), Karla (the stick-to-it encouragement and day of hustle), Adrienne (PR/Dancing Queen), Ericka (world’s best photographer), Brittani (taking a risk by letting us dance & sale in your shop), Shanda (what can I say, emerging designer), Charisma + Arielle +Jodi (the last minute craziness), Phaedra (the earring’s display).