The Sisters: Poly & Ester {DIY}

Haha! These crazy shorts. I know. I thought the same thing while wearing them. And yes I know the patterns don’t quite line up in the front, but I’m getting there.

The two sisters Poly and Ester helped me with this one. I cut them to size, sewed them, and threw them on for a little psychedelic shorts action. Which warranted a relative to say, ‘where are you going in that?’. Plus, I mistakable wore these to a tea party with little girls, seriously, and was asked by the responsible adult, to change.

Haha. I need to plan my days better.

I’m wearing:
Blouse: Vintage from my Grandma
Shorts: Old fabric from my Grandma
Puffer Jacket: United Colors of Benetton
Boots: Miss Sixty

(images: The uber talented Erika Smith)

To make a pair, follow Maycie’s tutorial on making shorts from shorts.
I used a pair of high-waisted shorts as my template just because this fabric deserved it. I also added a .5 inch stitch down the sides to add a bit more depth.

By the way, will you be in NY in February? If so join me for my first ever Freshly Given Trunk Show on Feb. 16th.


  • So cool! I’m so glad you found my tutorial helpful.

    Your shorts look awesome by the way. I love that print!

    Love your blog too, I look forward to visiting more often.

    Have a good one.


    • Whitney

      Hi Maycie! Thank you the comment. I’m glad you found my lil blog. Your tutorial was most helpful.

  • T

    Why were you asked to change? I’m sorry but I don’t see anything inappropriate about those shorts. In fact I think they’re really sweet. If someone ever told me to change my clothes because they did not like what I was wearing I would tell them where to go! I think you need to learn to stand up for your self especially something as personal as a science of style. Plus it’s just so rude to ask someone to change their clothes it shows just how narrow minded people are. You should really read this article

    • Whitney

      Hi T! Thank you the comment. I could tell you were passionate as you typed it. The tea party was with a group of little girl at a boarding home. The rules are no shorts allowed. Because I was speaking to them, it was against the rules to wear this when they are already taught not to. I hope this makes sense. Thank you also for the article. It’s a good reminder of how people pleasing get’s one nowhere.

  • Asked to change? Why? They’re beautiful!

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  • Jodi

    Cool shorts! Love the fabric.

    • Thank you Jodi. Old polyester fabric from my lovely Grandma.

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