In order to do more around here, I need more stuff. I am forever grateful to have a grandmother who throws absolutely nothing away. Oh the stories I could tell. Either way, when I’m strapped for cash, I have a running tab at her “store”.

Here are a few things I picked up on my trip yesterday:

Anyone else have a go-to spot for inexpensive/free finds?


  • Mother

    At Grandmother’s store you should never run out of stuff. Keep going back. Maybe something you passed up before will be something you can use the next time. Don’t forget you have mother who has a storage full of STUFF! :-0

    • Whitney

      Right on ma. I was hesitant to say you have a “store” of your own. Hehe.

  • This is amazing, grammas cupboards look more amazing than any craft/fabric store.

    • Whitney

      Agreed! I’m actually heading to do part two as I type this. This time at my great-grandmother’s. Lol.

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