Business Card-esque

In limbo, I’m without business cards.  Rule of thumb/word to the wise, when without the funds get ultra-creative. Side note: According to,” 69 percent of people who have business cards have gotten a speeding ticket, compared with 53 percent of people in general.”




scraps of fabric

scissors/X-Acto knife

needle and thread (although super glue may have worked).

The “plain Jane” ones were just okay. They needed a little more (insert descriptive noun). I’ll keep a few of them on hand for a more casual encounter (not to be taken personally).

casualEncounter: “Lets exchange numbers.”

Me: “Sure, take a not so happenin’ card.”

All in all, these turned out beautifully! The inconsistencies add much needed character.

Now to make a case.  hmmmm?

Have you entered yet?


  • Karla

    Awesome!!! These are beautiful

  • Karla

    These are beautiful!!

    • Whitney

      Thank you Karla.

  • elizabeth

    I just found your website, and saw the post where you mentioned the Scrap Exchange. I live in Durham, too, and I was just at the Scrap Exchange on Saturday! So exciting! BTW, I’m going to try making the halter-style blouse DIY this weekend. Thanks for sharing that!

    • Whitney

      Hi Elizabeth. The Scrap Exchange is one of my favorite places in all of Durham. It is nice to meet a fellow lover of the store. Please send me pictures if you do make the blouse.

  • Sally

    I think these are great!! I bought my business cards in bulk but I feel like if I met the right person, handing them a card like this, not from vistaprint, would make me seem pretty awesome! I may have to try this!!

    • Whitney

      You will be amazed at how a little fabric will transform the presentation of a business card.

  • Tyesha

    SO, I’m just seeing this! Thanks Whit!!! Amazing!

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