Tutorial | Grandmother’s Cream Blouse

Make sure to view the after photo’s.

This tutorial is easy. I’m a beginner and I finished it in an hour. (Please excuse the poor picture quality)


  1. Blouse. There are tons of these at thrift stores for dirt cheap.
  2. Pins
  3. Sewing Machine (Although very possible to do by hand)

Here’s the blouse BEFORE alterations:

Step 1:
– Remove buttons.
– Fold flaps inward to achieve the following.

Step 2:
– Flip shirt inside out and then in half. Shoulders on top of shoulders and flaps on top of flaps, as so.
– Pin flaps.

Step 3:
– I placed a pencil to show where the bottom of the V will be.
– Sew along the flap from the bottom of the blouse to the pencil.

Step 4:
-Flip blouse right side out and your done!


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  • That was SO simple, I’m in complete shock!!

    • Whitney

      Yes it is. You should try it Letitia!

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  • Maddie

    Fantastic! I didn’t expect such a good result at all:D

    • Whitney

      Thanks Maddie!

  • Stef

    you’re so talented!! love this!

    • Whitney

      And you’re so sweet. Thanks Stef!

  • Alex

    You are a genius! I love this, can’t wait to try it. What sort of fabric is this shirt made out of?


    • Whitney

      You are so kind!
      This is by far one of the easiest reDesigns to do.
      The blouse is polyester. Thrift/vintage store are usually overflowing with these “grandma blouses”.

      Let me know if you need more instructions.
      Send a pic if you decide to do it.

  • Julene

    It looks like you sewed along the middle of the flap so that the button holes are on the inside – am I right? Just want to check before I get cracking on this blouse…

    • Whitney

      Hi Julene

      Correct. When the blouse is folded in-half the bottom hole flap lays on top of the button flap. (The buttons have been removed. )

      You then sew along flaps up to the point where you want your ‘V’ to be.

  • I love how you’ve been! That great idea! My DIY this week has been a coat of flowers such as Gucci this season, I hope you like!

  • SvGLove

    Really nice! A great change;)

  • andrenna

    This is downright awesome. I have a million of those types of before-shirts and I can’t wait to convert them! Thank you for posting!

    • Whitney

      Thank you Andrenna! Send pictures if you complete this one.

  • Cierra

    Awesome tutorial and a gorgeous idea. But, now where do I find a shirt like the original…my grandmas style is nothing like that. Lol.

    • Whitney

      Very true Cierra, this style seems fairly hard to come by in my grandmas closet as well. But I’m so glad my grand kids will one day be relieved to find this in my closet. Haha.

  • Lima

    Wow, I’d have never guessed it was a grandma blouse refashion, very cool, thanks for sharing the tutorial!!
    I linked it in a serie I’m writing for my blog (http://rock-n-roll-stops-the-traffic.blogspot.it/2012/03/diy-from-head-to-toe-5.html), hope you don’t mind :D

    • Nope I don’t mind. Thank you for letting me know. By the way, those folded pants you posted on your blog are great!

  • Hey,

    I love your blog and i love this DIY. I tried it but now i cant figure out how to make the part above the V stay down. I thought of sewing it down, but it seems it will just show through the right side. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Adejoke, I’m not entirely clear on what you are having trouble with. If you are referring to the flaps underneath, you may have to iron them down using stitch witchery. Does this help? Feel free to email me. Your hair is lovely by the way.

  • Irda

    I’ve tried this, and the result is amazing, thankyou for this DIY :)

  • Ayida

    Love how easy this is! Definitely worth the try for a beginning seamstress :)

    • Thank you Ayida! Your site is inspiring!

  • Maartje

    WOW. I cannot wait to dive into the thrift store and do this. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Isabel

    That blouse is amazing!!!
    I’m only not sure if it will look on me as good as it looks on you!

    • Whitney

      Thank you Isabel. Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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