Brainstorming in a Curtain




If you’re curious about my latest crazy idea, rest assure that I’m sane. I (and my cuzzo) just happen to find curtains appealing to wear these day. Perhaps street gawkers will think I’m trying to pull off the tribal trend with thicker fabric. Nope nope nope. I (and my cuzzo) simply found a $.63 sample of tapestry and my mind automatically thought DIY. If my Grandma’s window dressings are an indicator, these shorts will last forever.

For the rest of the day, I’m “sketching” in my curtain and perusing a few pattern-making books. The moleskin can act as my top since I neglected to shoot one in the photo.

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The Sisters: Poly & Ester {DIY}

Haha! These crazy shorts. I know. I thought the same thing while wearing them. And yes I know the patterns don’t quite line up in the front, but I’m getting there.

The two sisters Poly and Ester helped me with this one. I cut them to size, sewed them, and threw them on for a little psychedelic shorts action. Which warranted a relative to say, ‘where are you going in that?’. Plus, I mistakable wore these to a tea party with little girls, seriously, and was asked by the responsible adult, to change.

Haha. I need to plan my days better.

I’m wearing:
Blouse: Vintage from my Grandma
Shorts: Old fabric from my Grandma
Puffer Jacket: United Colors of Benetton
Boots: Miss Sixty

(images: The uber talented Erika Smith)

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Flipped | Wool Pants to Shorts {DIY + Tutorial}

I met my lovely mother yesterday for an exchange of goods. All legal. She passed along these wool pants that were way to large for her, and she figured I could use them. So, they are now my winter shorts. Wearing shorts in the winter seems so wrong, doesn’t it? Like you’re rebelling against the season. Well with a pair of tights and boots, I’m on my way.

Step 1: Cut off the legs close to where you want them to hit. Give yourself some room, just in case.

Step 2: Fold under about 1.5 inch.

Step 3: Then fold the opposite way so you have a cuff.

If the fabric is stiff and tight enough, you may not have to sew. However, feel free to secure the cuff with a few hand stitches here and there.


It’s hard to tell here, but the waist is way to big for me. So I created a scalloped/pleated waistband at the top with a small belt.

By the way, there’s more to this one (i.e. save those pant legs) but I couldn’t bear the cold.

I’m wearing:
– Leather Jacket: JCrew
– Belt: My mother’s, now mine… hehe
– Shorts: My mother’s pants, now my shorts