Wiggle Room

<< The photographer heading back to his real j.o.b.

Lunch with the Man during a work week always turns out to be a blast. We frequent an indian restaurant in downtown, order the ‘executive’ (2 of those please, I’m not a light weight), and sandwich dahl and cilantro rice between fresh naan. Yummers!
This time I had an alternative agenda: a quick photo shot. Wiggling in front of a brick wall, thinking of Diana Ross, while the Man snaps is typical Charles and Whitney. I’m sure it’s the sleeves that keep me rockin’.

I’m wearing:
Dress: Consignment, from my Mom
Boots: Cynthia Rowley
Earring: I made them! Shop Freshly Given



Flipped | Straw to Wool Hat {DIY}

During my last trip to New York, I was in dire need of a wool hat. When you’re freezing your mind starts going crazy listing off everything you need to survive. Anyway, I seem to never have the funds for what I want. Perhaps it is an excuse for me to make something to share with all you lovely people. I really do enjoy sharing with you.

So here’s a simple hat for you to make. I grabbed an old straw hat and scraps of wool from a skirt my grandmother gave me. Sharing is in the blood.

Come back tomorrow for the Here’s the tutorial. Drop a line if you’re diggin’ this.

By the way, “Who loves you baby?” -Kojak (I just finished watching him… hehe)

I’m wearing:
Shirt: Clothing Swap = FREE
Cape: Buckley Tailors via JCrew
Hat: You know I made it, DIY



I’m Not A Heels Person, But…

I’m sure going to wear these OUT.

90% of the time, I’m wearing my go to flats  for everyday outfits. For me, flats are simple without being overbearing, comfortable without looking lazy.

Don’t get me wrong I own a few pairs of heels, but I rarely wear them and I always find myself wishing I had somewhere to go in them. I admire those high steppin’ ladies in the mall with 3.5 inches of  ‘stackage’ and the strut to match.  If only the higher the heel, the better the sashay were true.

Perhaps I’ll challenge myself to wear more heels, other than boots, this fall/winter. My wardrobe sure deserves a bit of a lift. Although my feet may feel differently.

How do you wear your heels, not at all or every chance you get?

Shoes: jcrew >> at a steal of a deal (a future post on why…hehe)



Flipped | Sweater Skirt {DIY}

I showed you this sweater a few days ago. Well sweater no more, I’m loving my new skirt. Dig this ya’ll!

I’ll post tutorial tomorrow.
In the meantime find a sweater, needle, thread, and scissors! That’s all you need.

I’m wearing:
Skirt : Sweater from clothing swap
Top: Vintage
Ring: freshlygiven >> shop



Flipped | Grandma’s Skirt to Blouse {DIY}

Actually I’m not sure if this is a blouse but lets roll with it.

Remember the day I went shopping in my grandma’s closet, well I pulled out a skirt she’d made years ago. That skirt is now apart of my “blouse” collection.  Check out the tutorial in the post below.

I look forward to wearing this number with jeans and pencils skirts well into the fall. Flip the shirt around and you have a bow in the back… reversible is always better!

What do you think: love it or leave it alone?

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