DIY | Greek Style Top and Cute Skirt



Alright Alright good people. This is by far one of my favorite DIYs, and you can achieve it without a sewing machine.

You will need:
1. Maxi Skirt OR Large, ill-fitting skirt
2. Safety pins (not stick pins)
3. Scissors
3. Needle and Thread OR Sewing Machine OR Stitch Witchery (For hemming edges)

Step 1:
Cut the skirt to the length you’d like. Just make sure you have enough for your top. Hem the bottom to give it a more refined look. You’re done with the skirt. Whoop!

Step 2:
Using the bottom half of the original skirt, open the split (if you have one) or one of the seams. If you have neither, cut open the skirt and make sure to hem those edges.


Step 3:
Using the panel of fabric you now have, pin two edges at your shoulder blade. The rest will drape around your lovely form. Take your other safety pins and pin the top to your liking. Get creative, just cover up those boobs.


You’re done!

Original Skirt: Grandma’s closet find
Leather Bracelet : Shop Freshly Given



Shop Update


I’m about to jump on a plane, but I had to share the good news: new product added to the shop.

Yep, that’s right. All jewelry is handmade using repurposed top grain leather. There are a few styles I will unveil at the trunk show in a few weeks…so all you New Yorkers get ready?

Grab what you like. Things go fast around here. Especially since I have a habit of making about 2 – 3 of each style/color.

Check it out and let me hear it:


(Photo: Original phot0 shot by Ericka Smith, I added the text)



Trunk Show | NYC | 2.16.12

The flyer (designed by my talented sister, Karla Mickens) says it all… I’m having a trunk show in NYC during Fashion Week. And yes, I want to see your beautiful face. Plus! I’m giving you advance notice so you can book your flight. Plus Plus! Shop owner Brittanie Yvonne is kind enough to open her shop, Ehvonnae, for the event. Thank you Brittanie.

Spring is right around the corner and I’ve made quite a few colorful accessories to add to your wardrobe. And as usual, I’m using re-purposed materials. So in a way we get to look pretty while positively impacting Planet Earth.

Yes yes y’all! Spread the good news to your good friends.
See you in New York!

Who | What: Freshly Given | Trunk Show NYC
When: Thursday, February 16, 2012 | 6-10pm (During Fashion Week)
Where: Ehvonnae 145 Front Street, Unit B, Brooklyn, NY 11201  718.310.3686

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Welcome Rock & Shop.pers

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you yesterday. I literally experienced dream after dream about my first Rock and Shop vendor experience, last night. You all made it worthwhile; it far exceeded my expectations. Many of the items purchased yesterday are a part of my spring line, so look out for them at the beginning of 2012.

Please feel free to stay for the ride. And of course, I’m socially connected:

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Freshly Given >> Handcrafted leather clutches and accessories made by me

A few of you requested special orders. Please contact me with your request.



Shop Update: New Fall Accessories

I’ve been talking up a big game these last few weeks regarding my shop. Dropping little sneak peeks, nuggets, and fails,  here and there about what I’ve been up to.  Well, here you have it: earrings, rings, and lovely leather envelope clutches. I no longer have access to Photoshop, so I literally spent more time editing these photos then crafting. A bit of an exaggeration, but you understand my pain.

Side note: Would you believe I used an old Canon PowerShot, Microsoft Paint, and vintageJS to pull these together.  Haha, at least one of you is like “yeah I can tell.”

Moving on, let me know what you think of my little freshly given collection. There is a very limited amount of what you see here.  And limited equates to you are one special lady. :-)

freshlyGiven Fall | Winter 2011 >> Shop

1. Bow Stud Earrings {Leather bow, Vinyl center} (coming soon, contact me if you’re interested.)

2. Western Loop Earrings {Leather}

3. Structured Loop Earrings {Leather}

4. Rosy Rings {Leather flower, Vinyl band}

5. Envelope Clutches with Spike Stud {Leather} (I’ve already claimed the one I’m modeling. :-))