The Sisters: Poly & Ester {DIY}

Haha! These crazy shorts. I know. I thought the same thing while wearing them. And yes I know the patterns don’t quite line up in the front, but I’m getting there.

The two sisters Poly and Ester helped me with this one. I cut them to size, sewed them, and threw them on for a little psychedelic shorts action. Which warranted a relative to say, ‘where are you going in that?’. Plus, I mistakable wore these to a tea party with little girls, seriously, and was asked by the responsible adult, to change.

Haha. I need to plan my days better.

I’m wearing:
Blouse: Vintage from my Grandma
Shorts: Old fabric from my Grandma
Puffer Jacket: United Colors of Benetton
Boots: Miss Sixty

(images: The uber talented Erika Smith)

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Flowers and Peace Signs

How ironic: I go to my grandmother’s to help her clean out her closet only to bring a third of it to my home. Why? Because she REALLY wants me to have it. OK, and yes, it is true I have an affinity for old clothing. At this rate, I’ll become her public storage unit by the end of the month. NOT GOOD!

This old sweater is one of her gifts to me. I’m not a rose print (or whatever flower it is) kind of girl but my grandmother put some kind of spell on me that made me WEAR this thing. With peace signs in hand I enjoyed every minute of it.

I may need an intervention. Soon. Not just yet. I’ll let you know.

Thank you Erica for the lovely shots. You are one of a kind.

I’m wearing:
Sweater: An old Suzy Phillips
Jeans : JCrew
Pouch: Vintage
Earrings: I made them. They are not in my shop yet, but stay tuned.



Plus One

Life just ‘plus one-d’ me another year and increased the expectation that I need to be established, mature, and graceful. My birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and the New Year, so there’s never much to do. haha. You would think the opposite to be true. Now that I’m older than I was last week, I realized I can never go back; there’s no way to press pause. If I had that power, I may still be 12. Who knows.

I’m sure I look really mature acting in these photos. I never want to take myself too seriously. My sister and I played in a parking lot with Erika who also captured the moment. Later, we dusted off the old PS2 and rapped to PaRappa the Rapper with my husband.

Good times.

Thank you Erika for capturing the day.

I’m wearing:
Earrings: I made them! Shop
Dress: JCrew – sample sale DEAL!
Tights: Express – a lovely Christmas gift
Boots: Cynthia Rowley

(photos: Erika Smith – you’ll be seeing more of her around these parts)