The Sisters: Poly & Ester {DIY}

Haha! These crazy shorts. I know. I thought the same thing while wearing them. And yes I know the patterns don’t quite line up in the front, but I’m getting there.

The two sisters Poly and Ester helped me with this one. I cut them to size, sewed them, and threw them on for a little psychedelic shorts action. Which warranted a relative to say, ‘where are you going in that?’. Plus, I mistakable wore these to a tea party with little girls, seriously, and was asked by the responsible adult, to change.

Haha. I need to plan my days better.

I’m wearing:
Blouse: Vintage from my Grandma
Shorts: Old fabric from my Grandma
Puffer Jacket: United Colors of Benetton
Boots: Miss Sixty

(images: The uber talented Erika Smith)

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Flipped | Leather Gloves with a Touch of Fur {DIY + Tutorial}

Gloves will never go out of style. And who cares if they do. I purchased this pair just yesterday at a local thrift for $1.50. I really was in need since my cotton pair was not holding up to the cold. Besides, I hate cold hands.

With a few fur pieces I found at my grandmother’s, and a pair of scissors, I whipped these bad boys up and loved the results.

I sure hope you attempt this one. Even without the fur, these are versatile and super easy.
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2011 DIYs

This blog started out of a much needed desire for a creative outlet, and I am blessed to watch it grow exponentially in just a few months. God has definitely shown me the importance of passion and talent and how they are unique to me, and you.

You all have made this experience worthwhile, beyond words or corny cliches. So I hope a “thank you with all of my heart” will scratch the surface of how I truly feel. Words definitely get in the way in situations like this, when I want to say so much more.

Either way, I read every comment and email you send. If you’ve yet to comment, I invite you to do so. I love mail and love responding to it, so keep them coming.

I decided to do a year in review and showcase all of the DIYs from this year. I believe my sewing abilities are improving and I’m glad you have patiently read through my tutorials. Enjoy!


1. Clear Clutch
2. Leather Earrings
3. Flipped | Oversized Vintage Cream Blouse
4. Flipped | Grandmother Cream Blouse (V Neck)
5. Flipped | Men’s Jeans to Dress
6. Flipped | Sweater to Skirt
7. Business card-esque
8. Flipped | Grandma’s Skirt to Blouse
9. Flipped | Men’s Jeans to Vest
10. Western Tie
11. Flipped | Straw to Wool Hat
12. Flipped | Wool Pants to Shorts
13. Flipped | Velvet Dress to Holiday DIY Guide (II) – The Gift Adornment
14. Flipped | Velvet Dress to Holiday DIY Guide (II) – The Bow



Wiggle Room

<< The photographer heading back to his real j.o.b.

Lunch with the Man during a work week always turns out to be a blast. We frequent an indian restaurant in downtown, order the ‘executive’ (2 of those please, I’m not a light weight), and sandwich dahl and cilantro rice between fresh naan. Yummers!
This time I had an alternative agenda: a quick photo shot. Wiggling in front of a brick wall, thinking of Diana Ross, while the Man snaps is typical Charles and Whitney. I’m sure it’s the sleeves that keep me rockin’.

I’m wearing:
Dress: Consignment, from my Mom
Boots: Cynthia Rowley
Earring: I made them! Shop Freshly Given



A Man For Once

My Alma Mater, DUKE! DUKE!, is a lovely place this time of year. I thought I’d snap a few photos of my love before we hit campus. This is a male only post besides the self portrait; I’m running to catch up to him. Hence the last photo. Only I would think to snap a shot of my quick feet, well foot. hehe

He’s wearing:
Shirt: ??
Corduroys: UO
Shoes: Cole Haan
Shades: Ray Ban