Inspiration | Give a .Gif

Do you remember the old school choppy animated .gifs? I bet you remember and strongly dislike them all in the same thought. Sure enough, software and ingenious minds have once again revived the dead. Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg, a visual graphics artist and photographer, respectively, have created the most beautiful .gif images I’ve ever seen. As a computer science major turned front-end visual and craft nerd, I appreciate these in a special way. You can judge for yourself… Cinemagraphs at their best.

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  • Aren’t these cool? I think only us web geeks can appreciate the true extent. I think indieNC needs a few. ;)

    • Whitney

      So true Michelle. I’m going to try my hand at one.

  • Ekta

    this is so cool! it’s like it’s straight out of harry potter :)

    • Whitney

      Can you believe I have never seen a harry potter movie. I may be the only one.

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