Flipped | Men’s Jeans to Vest {DIY & Tutorial}

Last weeks jeans to dress post was only the beginning of my new found interest in transforming my husbands jeans into wearable somethings. Wearable for me that is.

After another session of scissors and Derek Lam inspiration, I claimed yet another pair as my own.

The inspiration, a jacket by Derek Lam via  The Satorialist:

I had the opportunity to do a guest post for Sally of sallyannk and I’d love for you to check it out. You just may find it pleasing.

Sneak peek:

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Tutorial | Men’s Jeans to Dress

Find the after photos below.

Alright, let’s begin:

You will need:

1. Jeans (I used large men’s jeans. The rule of thumb is to make sure once opened, it will wrap around you. Large skinny jeans (oxymoron?) may also work here, and give you a pencil-ish effect. )
2. Scissors
3. Seam Ripper (optional)
4. Sewing Machine (Although this can be done by hand if you’re on ‘super pro hand strength’ status)


1. Lay jeans flat and open inside seams (Next 3 images)

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Flipped | Men’s Jeans to Dress {DIY}

There’s one thing I don’t have in my closet, and that’s a denim dress. I’ve never purchased one because they are either too pricey, not the right wash, or the style is not flattering.

So I cut up my hubby’s jeans… and I have a new dress.

If you’re like me and need one for the Fall, then go find yourself a men’s pair of jeans and make this dress. This wrap dress can be worn may different ways in any season. Wear a pair of tights under it and beat the cold weather. I found a beautiful inspirational shot on The Satorialist.

I’ll post the tutorial tomorrow. Tutorial is up!
By the way, I’ll further ‘edit’ this dress for a guest post on another blog. Stay connected: Facebook | Twitter.

I’m wearing:
Dress: Gap Men’s Jeans flipped to Dress
Belt: My mommy’s



Tutorial | Sweater Skirt

This one’s simple. View after photos here.

You will need:
– A sweater (the one I used was a bit out of shape. The smaller the skirt the tighter the fit)
– Needle & Thread
– Scissors
– Button, snaps, etc. (You will need a closure for the sides.)

The top of the sweater will be the waist. Measure your waist so you know how wide to open the collar. I wanted mine a bit high-waisted, so I didn’t have to cut as much.

Cut or open shoulder seams. I would have used a seam ripper but it is lying on the porch of the apt. below mine. That’s what I get for doing my work outside.

Now for the pockets. Flip sweater inside out.

Cut the shape of the pockets and stitch closed.

This is what you should have after you tuck the pockets inside the sweater.

Lastly, put the sweater on and mark where the closure(s) (i.e. buttons, snaps, etc.) should go. That way, you can slip the sweater on & off with ease.

Optional: I also took the scraps from my sleeves and made a draw-string. I threaded it through the collar to the back of the skirt like so:

Easy enough, yes?
Please contact me if you need further direction.

I’m wearing:
Skirt : Sweater from clothing swap
Top: Vintage
Leather Clutch & Ring: freshlygiven >> shop