Judah Ross | Spring 2012

“Feel it in the air
The wind is taking it everywhere, yeah
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?”
-A little bit of The Jacksons for you: “Can You Feel It” – The Jacksons, 1980)

We’re pushing 70 degree weather around here, and out goes the springy posts. It is only befitting to show you beautiful clothing. I love Oami Powers, the artisan behind Judah Ross. She is absolutely dedicated to bringing custom limited run and ethically sourced garments to our very quick quick faaaaast culture. All I do is watch and learn watch and learn. Picking up the lingo and absorbing her dedication.

Here’s a look into her spring line. There’s more to what you see here, so mosey on over to her shoppe.

(Note: I have not been paid to post nor tell the truth about the greatness that is Oami Powers and her line, Judah Ross.)

I’m wearing:
Judah Ross by Oami Powers



Vintage Inspiration | For Young and Exciting Women

Adolph Schuman started Lilli Ann in San Francisco, California in 1934 after his wife Lillian. It is my understanding that he worked for MGM before launching his own line.

Notice the sleeves and cinched waist that make the suits ultra feminine and stylish. These days we often go shorter, tighter, or use less fabric to achieve such a look. The last suit is my favorite and according to the ad it was about $95. Perhaps, if I try hard enough, I can pull off a DIY similar to it.

By the way, did you catch the “For young and exciting women of all ages” in the 3rd image. What if women, of all ages mind you, had at least one piece in their closet similar to these? Would you wear Lilli Ann?

(images: myvintagevogue)



Issa London S|S 2011

The end of summer is fast approaching. Is it just me, or do summers seem shorter the older you get?

This Issa London Collection reminds me of some of the beautiful vintage garments I’ve seen on myvintagevogue.

Perhaps in the fashion world I should be two years ahead, say Fall|Winter 2013, but I’m still very much stuck in Summer 2011.

90+ weather, please stay longer….p l e a s e.