Judah Ross | Spring 2012

“Feel it in the air
The wind is taking it everywhere, yeah
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?”
-A little bit of The Jacksons for you: “Can You Feel It” – The Jacksons, 1980)

We’re pushing 70 degree weather around here, and out goes the springy posts. It is only befitting to show you beautiful clothing. I love Oami Powers, the artisan behind Judah Ross. She is absolutely dedicated to bringing custom limited run and ethically sourced garments to our very quick quick faaaaast culture. All I do is watch and learn watch and learn. Picking up the lingo and absorbing her dedication.

Here’s a look into her spring line. There’s more to what you see here, so mosey on over to her shoppe.

(Note: I have not been paid to post nor tell the truth about the greatness that is Oami Powers and her line, Judah Ross.)

I’m wearing:
Judah Ross by Oami Powers



Disappearing Act


A week since my last post. Not a good look at all. I resisted the urge to check my analytics every hour. Just in case my readership plummeted exponentially. All the while thinking that perhaps I could get away with redirecting my homepage to my first post and cycling back just to look like I’m doing something over here. Haha. These are the thoughts of a Computer Science nerd.

On the flip-side, I’m adding the finishing touches to my first trunk show in NY. The excitement just may send me into a happy coma. I loved every minute of making more jewelry and the thought of meeting new people.

Now to this illustration. My sisters are all extremely talented. The youngest is a big-deal artistic prodigy who created my trunk show flyer along with this number in honor of Black History Month.

Typography love…



Inspiration | Give a .Gif

Do you remember the old school choppy animated .gifs? I bet you remember and strongly dislike them all in the same thought. Sure enough, software and ingenious minds have once again revived the dead. Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg, a visual graphics artist and photographer, respectively, have created the most beautiful .gif images I’ve ever seen. As a computer science major turned front-end visual and craft nerd, I appreciate these in a special way. You can judge for yourself… Cinemagraphs at their best.

View more at Cinemagraphs.com