Brainstorming in a Curtain




If you’re curious about my latest crazy idea, rest assure that I’m sane. I (and my cuzzo) just happen to find curtains appealing to wear these day. Perhaps street gawkers will think I’m trying to pull off the tribal trend with thicker fabric. Nope nope nope. I (and my cuzzo) simply found a $.63 sample of tapestry and my mind automatically thought DIY. If my Grandma’s window dressings are an indicator, these shorts will last forever.

For the rest of the day, I’m “sketching” in my curtain and perusing a few pattern-making books. The moleskin can act as my top since I neglected to shoot one in the photo.

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  • Hahaha nice! I respect your penchant for shorts making/loving. If it wasn’t so cold here I’d be in a pair too XP Are those itchy to wear without a lining?

    • We hit a toasty 90 degrees so the shorts, skirts, and dresses are out and ready. The shorts aren’t itchy at all. I’d probably still wear them if they were. Lol. Silly me.

  • Tamisha

    Hey Whitney! Love the yellow clutch. I hear that you are starting a new job with the Rock and Shop lady, Michelle Smith. Congrats! What will you be doing?

    • Hi Tamisha! Good to hear from you. Yes I am working with her. It’s a mixed position from assisting, to collaborating, to creative brainstorming. I am thoroughly enjoying it as Michelle is ultra talented. I hope you are well these days.

  • I found a fantastic, sheer, off-white curtain a couple weeks ago and promptly turned it into a perfect crop top. Such a great use of things that otherwise would probably end up in the trash.

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