A Few Filtered Photos






Filtered photos. Instagram. Same thing.

Truth be told, Instagram is a great coverup for writers block and extreme busyness. I always find the time to snap a photo and upload to the ‘gram. And when I feel I’ve butchered my analytics, those filtered photos save the day.

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  • Butchered your analytics? I am lost. But I do like that peplum top on you. Oh and my apologies I’m pretty sure I forgot to tell you I’d put up that post linking your top tute (I have. Its here). Bad me. I also made (half-made) a top based on your tutorial and haven’t posted about it either.. will do as soon as Uni work eases up a bit XP).

    • By analytics I mean the number of views on my blog dips when I’m away.
      Yay, I’m glad you posted the link. I look forward to your version of the top.

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